Tuesday 21st of August 2018

Exclusive: Latest news on Iranian embassy explosions

 Exclusive: Latest news on Iranian embassy explosions

The Iranian embassy in Beirut issued a statement following the explosions on Tuesday 19 November 2013. Parts of the statement said following the 2 explosions in front of the embassy by the terrorists, the Cultural Attaché Hojjatul Islam Ansari, the wife of a diplomat and 4 security staffs of the embassy, Hajj Rezvan Fars, Seyyed Mohammad Hashim, Hajj Belal Zeraqat and Hajj Ahmad Zeraqat were martyred. In addition a number of embassy staffs and members of their families were also injured.

The statement added that following the incident the President of Lebanon, the Prime Minister, the Head of army, Head of Hezbollah, all the cabinet ministers, the ambassadors of the European Union together with their counterparts from other parts of the world, the Head of Shia Supreme Council, the Sunni Mufti of Lebanon, the Heads of Druze as well as the Christian communities and many of the political, religious, cultural figures in Lebanon attended in the embassy or telephoned the Ambassador Roknabadi to condemn the terrorists actions and wished to convey their condolences to the Iranian nation. The terrorist attacks on the Iranian embassy in Beirut left 23 martyrs and 146 wounded with some of them in critical conditions.

source : abna24

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