Wednesday 21st of February 2018
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Terrorists' unity dangerous for humanity

Terrorists' unity dangerous for humanity

Iranian Ambassador to Dublin Javad Kachouiyan warned against the unity of the terrorists and extremists against the human civilization.

'The Middle East has been suffering from occupation, aggression, discrimination, militarism, underdevelopment, injustice and instability throughout decades and today not only none of these problems has been remove, but we are witnessing the unity of the ISIL, terrorists and the foreign forces from different nationalities against humanity,' Kachouiyan said on Thursday, addressing professors and students of Dublin University in the Irish capital.

He said that the primary support of the West from the terrorist and extremist groups such as Al-Qaeda and Taliban for achieving short-term objectives in the Middle East will not be devoid of long-term repercussions for the West's interests.

During his speech, Kachouiyan read out Supreme Leader's message addressed to the youth in Europe and North America, and explained Iran's foreign policy principles, specially the foreign policy's achievements in the nuclear talks.

source : abna24

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